Ugliness? Destroying a Country. The End of Humanized Territory - A New Kind of Inner-Colonialism

«Ugliness? Destroying a Country. The End of Humanized Territory – A New Kind of Inner-Colonialism»


ISBN: 978-84-935223-5-3
Colección Colapso, n.º 1B
72 B&W pages/páxinas en branco e negro
Colour cover/Capas en cor
Paperback/Encadernación en capa mole
First printing/Primeira edición: December 2006/decembro de 2006

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Código: 978-84-935223-5-3

English Translations for «Feísmo? Destruír un país. A fin do territorio humanizado: un novo intracolonialismo».

Antón Baamonde, Xosé Manuel Beiras, Manuel Caamaño, Alexandre Alves Costa, Xan Creus, Álvaro Domingues, Sergio Fernández, Camilo Franco, Pablo Gallego, Manuel Gallego, Bieito Iglesias, Carolina Leite, Rubén Lois González, Xosé Lois Martínez Suárez, Ana Vaz Milheiro, José Miranda, Begoña Muñoz, Xosé Otero Pombo, Chus Pato, Xerardo Pereiro, Manuel Rivas, Carlos Santiago, Xosé Carlos Sierra, Teresa Táboas, Xesús Vázquez and José Antonio Vázquez Martín.

What is ugliness really? Where does it come from? How far do its consequences reach? Are there many different kinds of ugliness? Is it a unique phenomenon or is it a multiple phenomenon? Is it caused by a socio-political situation? Is it fed on impossible orography? Can it be historically tracked? Is it endemic or is it induced? Do we know other societies who suffer it? Should it be called ugliness?
All these questions and many more were dealed in the Forum on Ugliness, in an attempt to reflect on this problem in its magnitude, to evaluate the state of the question.

Texts in English / Textos en inglés
Translations: Elba Abalo & Óscar Iglesias


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